a logomark of a green circle with the white letter capitals k and s


Product Design + Branding + Illustration, 2020

a box of koosters in an red-orange backdrop

You may be wondering what a KOOSTER is, and let me tell you: it’s a drink coaster. The design of the KOOSTER shape allows the coaster to be interlocked with others of its kind, be put together like a puzzle, and also the crevices make it easy to pick up!

koosters being used; with a white mug, a white cup, and blue cup on top of all three in the picture
a close-up of koosters connected through puzzle tabs
an overhead view showing a kooster configuration the forms a block of four walls, with the back packaging of the kooster box right next to it
artwork from pamphlet that demonstrates different kooster configurations

These coasters were intended to be sold with the purpose of donating half of the proceeds to a Winnipeg non-profit art organization. Once I can safely get more packaging and pamphlets printed, they’ll be available to nab!