a logomark of a green circle with the white letter capitals k and s


Art Direction + Illustration + Print/Web Design, 2020

a title slide featuring the title Lady DELUXE in bright red text with a white backdrop that has loosely sketched characters

This MAD (Make Analog + Digital) exercise became an awesome opportunity for me to finally articulate the mediums I envisioned for this personal comics project that I have been developing and writing for a couple years.

an image that shows the front and back covers of a lady deluxe manga book in a red backdrop
an image that shows the lady deluxe manga book open, showing a comic spread
a close-up of an editorial feature from the lady deluxe book, featuring an interview with one of the characters
an image that focuses on the about page of the lady deluxe website
a macbook pro with the homepage of lady deluxe active in its screen, featuring the same comic spread from the manga book

I had to write original copy, draw original illustrations, and even make a comic spread! In the end, I designed a tankoubon book volume with an editorial feature (print) and a webcomic site (digital) that functions as the centralized hub of Lady DELUXE.